Rhonda Hotop, dance musician
and violin/viola teacher in
Poynton, Cheshire

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The studio is located in Poynton, south of Dickens Lane and West of Vernon Road. Violin and viola lessons available

  • Free initial consultation, usually lasting 30-45 minutes
  • Study can begin as early as age 3
  • Weekly private lessons at the teacher's home with the parent present until at least age 10
  • Learning is at the best pace for the student
  • Confident, quality performance by ear is the goal
  • Pieces from the Suzuki repertoire are learned by ear
  • Instruction on how to practice effectively is given
  • Music theory is included in the lesson
  • The repertoire is classical with fiddle/traditional music taught in American, English, and Irish styles alongside as well
  • A lending library of musical materials is available to students and parents
  • Solo recital performances twice annually
  • Holiday performance for charity
  • Students can begin anytime and tuition is pro-rated for the first month
  • Tuition covers the fee for the lesson as well as the reservation time held just for you